US’ RQ-4B Global Hawk Spotted Near Crimea Again As Ukraine Vows To Retake Region From Russia


A US RQ-4B Global Hawk UAV, tail number 10-2045, was reportedly spotted in the Black Sea, south of Crimea. The drone has been in the occcupied region to collect information about Russian defences. Russia has also accused the US of using its drone to coordinate the strike on the Russian navy fleet at Sevastopol. Watch the vidoe to know how the US is helping Ukraine take back Crimea.#russiaukrainewar #crimea #usdrones #worldnews0:00 – INTRODUCTION2:07 – RUSSIA ACCUSES US DRONES OF AIDING ATTACKS ON CRIMEA2:53 – RUSSIA FACES CRITICISM FOR NOT TARGETING NATO DRONES3:31 – UKRAINE VOWS TO RETAKE CRIMEA

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