Russia Readies New Submarine Nuclear Missiles Amid Ukraine War | Should The West Worry?


Russia is reportedly working on a new underwater intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), reports say. The new underwater ICBM will eventually replace the RSM-56 Bulava, Russian newspaper Izvestia reported. The new underwater ICBM is reportedly in extremely early stages of development, Izvestia reported. What the video to know more about the new underwater ICBMs#russiansubmarines #russiannavy #ICBM #AdmiralNikolaiYevmenov #RS56 Bulava #russianballisticsubmarine00:00 – INTRODUCTION 00:58 – WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT NEW UNDERWATER ICBMs?01:55 – WHAT IS RSM-56 BULAVA?

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