‘Point Blank’ Missiles For USSOF? Israel’s Loitering UAVs Fit In A Backpack & Land On Your Palm


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled a new compact hand-launched loitering munition called ‘Point Blank’. The munition unveiled on Jan 19 is a small electro-optic guided missile that fits within a soldier’s backpack. The missile can be operated by a single soldier and can take off from and land vertically back on the soldier’s hand. Watch the video to find out what do we know about ‘Point Blank’?#israel #pointblank #usa 00:00 – INTRODUCTION 01:14 – WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT ‘POINT BLANK’?02:29 – IS IT A MISSILE OR A DRONE?03:02 – US TO RECEIVE POINT BLANK PROTOTYPE

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